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QT-ACTIVITY: Qualtech Team Receives Invitation Issued by OMETA and Joins Seminar in Jakarta – April, 2019

April 11, 2019

A delegation of Qualtech Managers and Regulatory Affairs Specialists jointly accepted an invitation issued by OMETA (Overseas Medical Equipment Technical Assistants) to embark on a journey to Jakarta early last March. Reason for the visit was the holding of the OMETA seminar from March 05 to March 08, in which Qualtech was selected to take part in. The latter consisted of meetings with a variety of government ministries, attendance at a medical equipment exhibition, as well as the hosting of two workshops.

The Qualtech delegation’s business trip abroad commenced with their attendance at the China Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) – Indonesia. CMEF Indonesia represents a medical equipment and manufacturing exhibition assisting in establishing a connection between manufacturers from around the globe and local Indonesian distributors, resellers, regulators, and government agencies. Ultimately aiming at allowing for a smooth entrance into the Indonesian market. Qualtech therefore availed themselves of this unique opportunity and established new contacts with attending manufacturers.

QTActivity 2019Apr 1-2

Figure 1:The Qualtech delegation and OMETA member during their participation in the CMEF – Indonesia.

The second stop led Qualtech to PT. Paramount Bed Indonesia. The local company with headquarter in Japan produces beds, mattresses, and equipment for medical and nursing care environments. The workshop started with a thorough introduction of Paramount’s long history as well as the company’s current products. Qualtech and OMETA on the other hand presented their profound insights of the Indonesian nursing bed market.

Qualtech and OMETA members were also cordially received by Indonesia’s Ministry of Health (MoH). Spearheaded by Mr. Lupi Trilaksono, Deputy Director of Class C and D Medical Device Evaluation, the MoH representatives elaborated on the current situation of the Indonesian medical device market with regards to foreign investment and the extent of locally produced devices. Subsequently, a Q&A session was being arranged, resulting in the emergence of interesting questions, such as whether manufacturers are still being permitted to import and sell their products while being in the transition period of changing their respective distributor.

QTActivity 2019Apr 2

Figure 2: The Qualtech delegation, OMETA members, and MoH representatives after a round of expert discussions.

The visit to Jakarta also provided the opportunity to meet with members of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). The meeting circled around the topics of business development and strategies for the Indonesian market as well as the Indonesia Market Survey. Qualtech then also organized its own workshop communicating regulatory updates within the Indonesian market, the rules relevant to distribution within the country, and Qualtech’s importation processes.

QTActivity 2019Apr 3

 Figure 3: A sneak peek into the discussions during the Qualtech workshop.

Note: OMETA is a non-profit organization consisting of 70 manufacturer members as well as more than 90 supporting members. The organization assists in Japan’s international cooperation activities, particularly those concerning Japan-made medical devices.

OMETA: Overseas Medical Technical Assistants
CMEF Indonesia: Medical Equipment Fair
Paramount Bed Holdings
Japan External Trade Organization - Indonesia


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Home About Qualtech NEWS QT-ACTIVITY: Qualtech Team Receives Invitation Issued by OMETA and Joins Seminar in Jakarta – April, 2019